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In the coin master game, the rare cards are very important and you will be able to collect them while playing. By completing the card sets, you will earn a huge amount of coin master spins. In this article, we provide the coin master cards list and also explained how you can find or collect them!

Players can also trade the rare cards with each other and get some cards by participating in the different events. Some cards are very rare and difficult to find. However, the list we provided on this page contains all the cards.

Coin Master Rare Cards List

We update the list of rare cards frequently, add new cards according to the latest updates. Filter your search and find the complete sets of rare and joker cards and much more. Stay active on the social media platforms of coin master because sometimes we published there as well! Check the list Now…

Barrel TankVery High
BlizzVery High
Martian LettuceVery High
Top KnutVery High
ToreroVery High
ArmstrongVery High
CrusaderVery High
Jollu JasperVery High
The BeastVery High
Hobby HorseHigh
Mythical TuneHigh
Smoking PipeHigh
Creaky CrowHigh
Aztec Princess
Gentle DelphiNormal
Tall TimNormal
Fighting FredNormal
Baby TrissNormal
Fighting MonkNormal
Portly PeteNormal
Merry MatildaLow
Mythical DomeLow
Santa’s HelperLow
Gnome HouseLow
Mighty WizardLow
Cheerful ChadLow
Flamur, the FlutistLow
Little LenyaLow
Martian WineVery Low
TotoVery Low
African WarriorVery Low
Sneaky JaguarVery Low
CleopatraVery Low
Magic Tree
Very Low
KettleVery Low
Pink EddyVery Low
Builder BeaverVery Low
Holy MonkVery Low

Where to Find the Coin Master Rare Cards

As you know the cards are collectible and the players will find them while playing coin master. However, there are some other working methods which you can use to get them. Including the list, we provided here and the ways we explained.

Use Social Media

Social media trading groups are very beneficial. You need to join those groups, stay active there and trade the cards, spins, and other gifts. The forums are also available for this type of trade and the best are Reddit coin master communities.

Buying Chests

This method is also effective if you use it properly. In the coin master, unlock the first card and then buy the chests with gold. Also, if you are lucky enough you will ask for the rare card as a trade. But we recommend following the social media method because it is more beneficial.

Upgrade Village

You can get the cards by upgrading the village in the coin master. Upgrade the build gain structure, improve the defenses, and other things to level up your village. With this method, you must need to complete the card sets as well.

Can You Buy Rare Cards?

Yes, you can buy the coin master rare cards online. There are many websites and groups available for this but in the game, you can exchange them with other coin master golden cards. Be careful from spam while buying online. We suggest every player use a different method to get rare cards instead of buying!

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