Coin Master Golden Cards List | How to Get them All!

coin master gold cards list

Today in this article we provide the coin master golden cards list and also guide you on how to get them all. Basically, while playing coin master you need a gold card collection to get free spins and these cards will use to trade different special events.

That’s why you need these cards in chests and these are also rare. Today we have the complete list of these cards and also after reading this article you will have many options and tricks to get these cards easily. So, read the complete article on this website and share as well!

List of Coin Master Gold Cards

  • Shishi
  • Montezuma
  • Valiant Vlad
  • Chill Caleb
  • Haunty Morty
  • Meteor
  • Oak Cauldron
  • Baba Yaga
  • Pharaoh
  • Lord Of Coins
  • Rembrandt’
  • Red Queen
  • Sushi
  • Throne Of Thorns
  • Coin Master
  • Sangria
  • Studio Time
  • Goblin Treasure
  • Tin Thomas
  • Tequila
  • Broken Fence
  • Lucky Jack
  • Sherlock
  • Murano Glass
  • Big Top
  • Beltane Pyro
  • Royal Tent

How to Get Coin Master Golden Cards

These are a few proven methods that you can use to get these rare cards. Today in this article we explained all. Check the most common and latest methods below!

Building a New Village & Spin – Latest Method

Check this latest and working method to get the cards in the coin master. First of all, you need to build a new Village and spin a minimum of five times at 1x. Keep in mind that do not get new stars buy buildings and upgrade your pet.  When you complete all that process, now start buying chests till the last card will golden, and then start buying magic chests. All this process will help you to find rare cards!

Stars & Chest – Most Common Trick

The most common trick is looking for the last cards in the chest and if the card has a maximum of 2 stars then immediately buy a wooden chest. If the cards have 3 stars then you will get the rare gold cards. and If the card has 5 stars you can buy the magical chest. Commonly, People use this method it is working always without a problem.

Trade Gold Cards in Coin Master

As You know the golden cards are very special and rarer than other cards in coin master. These cards are used for special event trades. You can collect them from the Coin master Social Media Fan pages as well. Also, we have the complete list of working gold cards, check now!

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