Coin Master Events List | The Complete Event Details!


In this Guide, we have the Coin master event list with all the details. In coin master, the players can earn spins, different rewards, and gifts by completing the challenges in events. We have all the information on different special events and also you will know about the schedules. So, read the complete article!

Coin Master Events List

There are many events you will get in the coin master. Each event has specific requirements and details, all important stuff is updated here. check now and do not forget to share with other players!

Gift Master

In this event, the player will get amazing gifts and rewards. Purchase the pack of coins, and get the Free Gift, Pet Food, Chests, and much more.

Raid Madness

This is another amazing special event, in this, you will raid to another village and get more rewards. Each level of the stage will give you more rewards and higher goals.

Village Master

Village Master is the best event of coin master. In this event, by updating your village, get the coin master spins daily, incredible prizes, the different offers as well.

Viking Quest

Viking Quest event allows you to spin the slot machine and get many prizes including coins, gold cards, and other amazing rewards.

Gold Card Trade

In this event, you can exchange gold cards with your friends. This the best event that allows you to finish your card collections and help your friends in missions.

Bet Blast

In this event, you can increase your bets to win more and bigger rewards. Raid your friends, stronger the attacks, and increase the blast spins to earn more.

Village Mania

This is the best event that allows you to get discounts on building the villages. You can get up to 20% discount on all village items.

Attack Madness

In the Attack madness event, you will get bigger rewards by attacking another village. Each level of this event will increase your rewards and goals.

Tournament Milestone

This new event will give you the chance to win the more amazing coin master rewards by competing for the top levels on the leaderboard.

Special Events

In the special events, you will have to complete your actions and increasing the attacking to win more spins and different prizes.

Coin Craze

Coin craze event helps you to collect a handful amount of spins and coins. When this event will live, it can add a multiplier to your coins and give you a Gold spins button.

Events Schedule

Coin master events have no fixed time, the events will come up randomly. So, it is hard to publish any Schedule or predict the upcoming event. The events are always a surprise for the coin master players.

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